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Are you receiving payments on a property?

We’d like to buy that note and give you a lump sum of cash! If you want the CASH fast, you have to ACT fast!

Instant cash to help you:

  • Put your cash in high-yield investments
  • Pay off any high-interest debt you may hold
  • Build your business with a needed cash infusion
  • Pay for tuition or unexpected medical expenses
  • Take the dream vacation of a lifetime
  • Any immediate need for a lump sum of money
  • Stop worrying over the risk of foreclosure

Whatever your reasons, we’ll get you the money you need now!

We’ll have a look at your situation, get you a quote, buy your note and close fast. You need the money, we want your note—it’s simple.

If you’ve sold real estate with seller financing and you’re expecting to receive payments over a long period of time, we have options for you.

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