We offer a variety of funding options to meet your cash needs!


When you choose to sell your entire note, we purchase all of the remaining payments and you have no further interest in the note. The entire remaining unpaid principal balance is assigned to us with you receiving one lump sum payment at closing. It's an easy way to get all your cash fast.


If you don't have the need for the amount of cash that you would receive when selling your whole note, the partial purchase option is an excellent choice. You tell us your cash needs and we'll figure the number of payments for us to purchase to meet your immediate cash needs. After we receive the number of payments agreed upon, the unpaid principal balance as well as the monthly payments revert back to you, or you could decide to sell all or another portion of the remaining payments due.


With the split payment funding choice you would receive a lump sum cash payment at closing as well as a portion of each monthly payment as they are remitted by the payer.


Another option is some combination of the choices above. Just call us with your particular requirements and we will tailor a program that will satisfy even the most unusual cash needs.

Purchase Guidelines:

Types of Notes We Purchase:

  • Mortgage Notes
  • Deeds of Trust/Trust Deeds
  • Contracts for Deeds
  • Land Contracts
  • Bond Deeds
  • Balloon Notes
  • Basically Any Real Estate Debt Instrument

Acceptable Types of Security(Collateral):

  • Single Family Homes
  • Multifamily Properties
  • Apartments
  • Condominiums
  • Townhomes
  • Mobile Homes attached to land
  • Lots/Acreage
  • Farms/Ranches
  • Commercial
  • Industrial

Basic information that is easily obtained from the closing documents and note.

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  • Sale Information:

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